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Re: [ga] Who will even know

Antony wrote:
> The full list is at http://www.dnso.org/constituency/ncmembers.html
> That's 10 to 8.  Perhaps that's passing for consensus these days.
> Shouldn't NC members be required to read the General Assembly mailing list?
> Antony
==> Antony,

    As the ga@dnso.org is archived:
    nobody needs to be member of this list to know what happen. 
    The purpose of archives is multiple: have a complete record,
    allow newcomers to join and have access to the previous debate,
    allow people to organize their work and participation 
    to dnso.org lists according to their possibilities, 
    allow newspapers to watch, various autors to record history, ...

    I verify frequently logs, and may assure you that we have much
    more people (domains) browsing ga archives that the current number
    of subscribers to ga list. The similar is true for other lists.

    Elisabeth Porteneuve / DNSO Secretariat