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[ga] Who will even know

I am concerned to know how the Names Council proposes to measure the
consensus of the General Assembly, since this is the metric by which
recommendations to the ICANN Board must be approved by the Names Council.
However they propose to do this, I see that only ten of the eighteen Names
Council members are subscribed to the GA list:

Javier Sola (Business)
Theresa Swinehart (Business)
Richard Lindsay (Registrar)
Amadeu Abril i Abril (Registrar)
Nii Quaynor (ccTLD)
Bill Semich (ccTLD)
Jonathan Cohen (IP)
Ted Shapiro (IP)
Hirofumi Hotta (ISP)
David Johnson (gTLD)

The following NC members are not subscribed:

Don Telage (gTLD)
Phil Sbarbaro (gTLD)
Fay Howard (ccTLD)
Ken Stubbs (Registrar)
Caroline Chicoine (IP)
Tony Harris (ISP)
Michael Schneider (ISP)
Jon Englund (Business)

The full list is at http://www.dnso.org/constituency/ncmembers.html

That's 10 to 8.  Perhaps that's passing for consensus these days.

Shouldn't NC members be required to read the General Assembly mailing list?