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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

Javier SOLA wrote:
> Feel free. You have all the right to demand anything you want from the
> ICANN Board, including changes in the consensus DNSO bylaws.

There are no "consensus" DNSO bylaws, only the CORE/ISOC bylaws that
you succeeded in getting railroaded through against all opposition,
because the board was already co-opted to your agenda. But even the
present bylaws give ultimate authority in the DNSO to the GA. The NC
is merely an implementation body. This was argued over and won in
Singapore, when the DNSO was formed. Don't you remember? Or are you
trying to change the consensus?

> In case you have missed it, the paragraph you just quoted says that the NC
> will designate drafting committees, working groups, etc... one more job
> that you seem to want to load on your own shoulders.

The White Paper and the ICANN Articles of Incorporation say that all
structures of the NewCo will be democratic and abide by due process.
You want to revoke that and have decision by fiat of your captured
"provisional" NC, which you claim, against the final consensus in
Singapore, has authority over the GA. You are the one who is
breaking the rules and the law, not Dennis Jennings.

> Please show some respect for the bylaws and the consensus that they
> represent.

When have you or your CORE cronies ever shown any respect for the
law, the rules, and consensus? After Monterrey? In Singapore? During
the June 11th teleconference? 

> It is very bad policy to start playing
> with them for the benefit of a specific group, you might get the other
> groups that have reached consensus on the bylaws very annoyed.

That's right. Everyone is very annoyed, actually sick to death of
you and CORE's manipulations. The rules here are openness,
transparency, and accountability. The DNSO GA is the ruling body of
the DNSO, not the NC. The NC only facilitates policy. You don't want
to play by the established rules? Then get the hell out of the DNSO!

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