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[ga] Extension of the deadline for vote for WG-A Final report


According to the ICANN autorisation, see below, the vote
for WG-A Final report is extended by 24 hours.

Your vote (reply to the individual email you received
with From: vote01@dnso.org and Subject: VOTE-1999073020)
should arrive to the dnso.org site:
        August 3,   06 a.m. Pacific Time US
        August 3,   09 a.m. Eastern Time US
        August 3,   15:00   Central European Time
        August 3,   22:00   Singapore Time

The vote is publicly archived, and may be seen at:

Please do not add CC to any list when voting.

Amadeu Abril i Abril and Jonathan Cohen will calculate
results, and prepare a document, which will be sent to ICANN
on August 4.

On August 2, 18:21 CET we received 14 votes from 18 expected.

DNSO Secretariat

| From: Mike Roberts <mmr@darwin.ptvy.ca.us>
| Message-Id: <199908021614.JAA13908@darwin.ptvy.ca.us>
| Subject: [council] Re: NC Vote 
| To: council@dnso.org
| Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 09:14:04 -0700 (PDT)
| Cc: roberts@icann.org, jsims@jonesday.com
| This is in response to Amadeu's email re extension.  Please complete
| your voting and forward the results to us as expeditiously as 
| possible. Please also indicate the proper link to the authoritative
| version of the text you are voting on so that it can be posted
| on the ICANN site for the Board's public comment period.
| - Mike Roberts