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[ga] Tyranny and madness

Javier SOLA wrote:
> Dennis,
> I would advice that you read the bylaws. The NC is mandated to elect the
> Chair of the DNSO, not the ccTLDs.
> As you well try to deform, we have not *proposed* anybody as Chair of the
> DNSO. Following the mandate of the ICANN bylaws, be have *elected* a Chair
> for the meeting. If you have any complaints, please address them to ICANN,
> asking them to change  the bylaws, instead of trying to destroy the work
> that others have been doing organizing the Santiago meeting while you just
> sat back. Your ambitions are not above the bylaws.

This is the raving of a madman whose ambition has blinded him to
reason and law, trying desperately to expiate his own sins on
another. Unbalanced already by the imaginary authority he believes
derives from his chairmanship of the fictitious organization he
created to give himself credibility, undeserved power in the DNSO
has deranged him.

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