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[ga] Re: Santiago DNSO GA Schedule

Well, I would have a problem with flights if I hadn't learned from the
previous three
meetings I've been to and booked my non-changeable ticket to depart from
two days early!!

Dr W Black wrote:

> Dennis,
> I'm in agreement with Jim on this one. I'm fully in support of a full day
> meeting as you indicated in a previous e-mail. Does anyone really have a
> problem with flights?
> W.B.
> On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Jim Higgins wrote:
> > Dennis
> >
> > It's not all that big a deal to change flights (I have, in fact, just
> > done so)- especially as it's a weekend beforehand - unlikely that many
> > people will have prior bookings.
> >
> > with all due respect to Andrew, I rather think that the wishes of the
> > 'membership', if I can call it that, should take preference over an
> > ICANN staffer.  If they don't then this does not bode well for future
> > relationships.  My reading of the pontifications emanating from the
> > Department of Commerce to ICANN seem to indicate that they would like
> > (are demanding?) that ICANN to be a little more responsive to its
> > constituency???