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Re[2]: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Schedule - Is a full day needed ?

Thursday, July 29, 1999, 5:19:12 PM, Dennis Jennings <Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie> wrote:

> Amadeu,

> Thanks for prompting me to clarify my terminology.

> For clarification therefore, when I speak of the General Assembly, I 
> think of it as having too component activities - the Working Groups 
> of the General Assembly - and the Plenary meeting of the General 
> Assembly.   (See my proposed agenda for the General Assembly - 
> from which it should be clear that the majority of the General 
> Assembly time is to be spent in the WG activities.)

> The General Assembly IS the DNSO - not to be confused with the 
> Constituencies which are the component parts of the General 
> Assembly - nor (especially) to be confused with the Names Council 
> which is the administration committee of the DNSO.

No, the DNSO is the constituencies.  At least as it is setup right
now.  The NC's action to block participation by individuals who are
not members of constituencies is clear proof that this is the way it
is in practice.

This means that the Workgroups are the Workgroups of the
NC/Constituencies, not of the GA.

Lets call it what it is.

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