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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Schedule - Is a full day needed ?


Thanks for prompting me to clarify my terminology.

For clarification therefore, when I speak of the General Assembly, I 
think of it as having too component activities - the Working Groups 
of the General Assembly - and the Plenary meeting of the General 
Assembly.   (See my proposed agenda for the General Assembly - 
from which it should be clear that the majority of the General 
Assembly time is to be spent in the WG activities.)

The General Assembly IS the DNSO - not to be confused with the 
Constituencies which are the component parts of the General 
Assembly - nor (especially) to be confused with the Names Council 
which is the administration committee of the DNSO.


Date sent:      	Fri, 30 Jul 1999 01:26:41 +0200
From:           	Amadeu Abril i Abril <Amadeu@nominalia.com>
Subject:        	Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Schedule - Is a full day needed ?
To:             	Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie
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> Dennis Jennings wrote:
> > 
> > DNSO GA Members,
> > 
> > The fact that the ICANN Board meeting is open to observers may
> > clobber my suggestion that the DNSO GA continue on the
> > Thursday morning - I was assuming that the ICANN Board meeting
> > would again be closed.  My mistake.
> > 
> > But first things first:
> > Are we agreed that we need a full day for the General Assembly ?
> No. Some people, a handfull to be correct, expressed that opinion. If you want
> mine, this "could"" be a very good dea, but we should test it in Santiago. WGs
> and consituencies are the places where the real work has to be carried out,
> while the GA is the place for general gathering, reports, discuisiion,
> oversight and direction. It "might" turn out that a full day is needed (which
> i tend to believe is true) but it could turn out that it is not (specially if
> we dicsove that there are not, or only a few GA-only attendees, ie, people who
> will not attend WGs and consituency meetings as well. In my view, more spce
> for WGs is even more needd than a full day GA. If you remember Berlin, the GA
> slot was more than enough. Santiago will give us a more clearer idea. Any
> decision right now, in one sense or another, would be premature at best.
> > 
> > (we will also try to use this list for reports as suggested by Bret
> > Fausett)
> > 
> Indeed.
> > So far, the answer is yes - but maybe there are lots of people on
> > the list who have not responded.
> > 
> > If we need a full day, should we
> > 
> > (a) keep the published schedule and use the Thursday morning for
> > the Working Groups (after all, we can only observe the Board
> > meeting and not comment) ?
> I am confused here: GA should refer to "plenary" GA meetings. Consituency
> meetings, NC meetings and WGs meetings are "not" GA meetings. And all of them
> are DNSO meetings.
> Remember, btw that on Thu morning there is also a NC meeting, if I am not mistaken.
> Why not having WGs on Tghu afternoon? (Well, probably because of travel arrangments....)
> > 
> > or
> > 
> > (b) change the schedule as has been suggested and move the
> > Constituency meetings to the Monday afternoon - a view has been
> > expressed is that it is not a problem to change flights ?
> No Dennis. This can simply not be done.
> Best regards,
> Amadeu

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