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[ga] Re: PROBLEM with NCDNHC Constituency bylaws

Vany and all,

Vany Martinez wrote:

> At 12:59 PM 7/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >Vany Martinez wrote:
> >
> >> Bussiness constituency is the only one Constituency that would have
> conflict
> >> of interest with the NCDNHC.
> >
> >I don't agree. The historical background may make this clearer. CcTLDs,
> >registrars, and ISPs were excluded from the Business constituency because
> everyone
> >recognized they are also businesses. There was massive duplication of
> >representation in the constituency. Trademark owners are usually
> businesses, yet
> >they were given a constituency of their own. ISPs and registrars are
> almost always
> >commercial businesses, yet they were given a constituency of their own. So
> many of
> >us asked, why are you giving business interests 4 different constituencies?
> >Doesn't that give them too much representation? The answer is: yes.

> Milton.  This is true in part.  Remember that the membership in NCDNHC is
> allowed only to the ones that are not bussinesses.  And here in Latin America
> 90% of ccTLD are managed by universities with non-commercial operation.  It is
> true
> that others ccTLD especially in USA and Europe are bussinesses, but the
> reality in Latin America is different.

  Certainly reality in Latin america is quite different.  Many of us that have
business experience in that part of the world are well aware of that.  None
the less ICANN is a US based company and as such are bound by US

> >> 1.  Do ccTLD, Registrars, and even ISPs constituency have conflict of
> >> interests with NCDNHC??? In my opinion: NO.
> >
> >Many ccTLDs, and almost all registrars and ISPs are commercial businesses.
> Even if
> >they are "non-profit" businesses their economic and political interests
> can be
> >very different from the consumers of their services. There is a definite
> conflict
> >of interest, especially with TLD registries. TLD registries control the
> supply of
> >names and benefit economically from the payments for registration. They
> may be
> >willing to impose policies on domain name holders that make life easier for
> >themselves, but are hostile to the user. Also, ccTLDs may prefer to limit
> >competition from new TLDs, whereas users may support it.

> Here in Latin America, ccTLDs only ask for money for intern operations,
> because the insitutions that offers such domain registration are educative,
> non-profit
> and non-commercial.

  Explain how the registration of a DN within a ccTLD is educative in

> I understand that you talk for what you know...but you
> need to investigate more how it works things in Latin America.  The reality
> is diferent from USA, Europe and anther continent.

  A registration of a DN in any ccTLD is a registration regardless or where
that ccTLD is located physically.  Maybe I miss you actual point here??

> >I asked this question in Berlin, and no one could provide a good answer.
> So I will
> >ask it again: when ccTLD operators tell us that they should be allowed in the
> >non-commercial constituency, I ask--why are not universities and
> non-commercial
> >groups allowed into the ccTLD constituency? When the traffic goes both
> ways, then
> >we can consider letting them in. Until then, No.

> Tell me something...besides Bussiness constituency...also ccTLD
> constituency have the same prohibition than NCDNHC????

  As they are two different types of constituencies, of course they
do not nor should they.  Hence the term "Constituency".

> Best Regards
> Vany
> :-)
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