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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Schedule - Is a full day needed ?

Dennis Jennings wrote:
> DNSO GA Members,
> The fact that the ICANN Board meeting is open to observers may
> clobber my suggestion that the DNSO GA continue on the
> Thursday morning - I was assuming that the ICANN Board meeting
> would again be closed.  My mistake.
> But first things first:
> Are we agreed that we need a full day for the General Assembly ?

No. Some people, a handfull to be correct, expressed that opinion. If you want
mine, this "could"" be a very good dea, but we should test it in Santiago. WGs
and consituencies are the places where the real work has to be carried out,
while the GA is the place for general gathering, reports, discuisiion,
oversight and direction. It "might" turn out that a full day is needed (which
i tend to believe is true) but it could turn out that it is not (specially if
we dicsove that there are not, or only a few GA-only attendees, ie, people who
will not attend WGs and consituency meetings as well. In my view, more spce
for WGs is even more needd than a full day GA. If you remember Berlin, the GA
slot was more than enough. Santiago will give us a more clearer idea. Any
decision right now, in one sense or another, would be premature at best.

> (we will also try to use this list for reports as suggested by Bret
> Fausett)

> So far, the answer is yes - but maybe there are lots of people on
> the list who have not responded.
> If we need a full day, should we
> (a) keep the published schedule and use the Thursday morning for
> the Working Groups (after all, we can only observe the Board
> meeting and not comment) ?

I am confused here: GA should refer to "plenary" GA meetings. Consituency
meetings, NC meetings and WGs meetings are "not" GA meetings. And all of them
are DNSO meetings.

Remember, btw that on Thu morning there is also a NC meeting, if I am not mistaken.

Why not having WGs on Tghu afternoon? (Well, probably because of travel arrangments....)
> or
> (b) change the schedule as has been suggested and move the
> Constituency meetings to the Monday afternoon - a view has been
> expressed is that it is not a problem to change flights ?

No Dennis. This can simply not be done.

Best regards,