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[ga] IDNO numbers and makeup (was: Agenda proposal)

At 05:27 PM 28/07/1999 +0200, R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

>I am sure that, if instead of 35 people we had 350, the things would be
>radically different.

There are now 115 on our members' list (not all domains are confirmed). New
members are joining, mostly through website links. How much can the just
elected group do, simultaneously trying to persuade ICANN, formulate
positions, argue with people who spread false info *and* launch a media
Are the numbers the key now? How much time is given to us?  What about
funding? Do we have to bankrupt ourselves in this process?
We are not a constituency with a business model, such as registries or
registrars, that can recruit members attracted by future returns.

>The methods used up to now, IMHO, have not been the best ones to gather wide

Apart from a posting to a network of small businesses, we have not done
*anything* yet to gather wide support.  Those who are coming to us are the
people who are concerned about the future of their Domain Name rights.
Apparently they know how to find us.

To complain and insist in drawing the line between the "management"
>of the structure we want to enter and the holy mission of our group does not
>attract the average people (that are not holy fighters but want just to
Sorry, Roberto, I don't understand what you mean by that first part of your
sentence, but I agree with the last part.

As long as the IDNO meets rejection, the kind of people who will volunteer
for active office in it are different from the kind who will join a
constituency that is part of an established structure.
This is one of the reasons why the members will have an opportunity to
re-elect the Steering Committee after 3 months. 

It is the Board's decision in Santiago that will in a way determine the
makeup of  future  members. The decisions  made in Singapore and Berlin
have resulted in what we have now.
While we will always carry that history, I can still see a different future

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners