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Re[2]: [ga] Agenda proposal

Wednesday, July 28, 1999, 8:59:04 AM, Dave Crocker <dcrocker@brandenburg.com> wrote:

>>Joop Teernstra wrote:
>> > 88 members had the right to vote, of which 35 voted. Not a bad turnout. If

> I noticed that Mikki Barry is a member of IDNO, as is the Domain Name 
> Rights Coalition.

*sigh*  I'm sorry that I have to post this at all.  This person has
been engaged in an effort to discredit and disrupt the IDNO process
since its inception.  He is against the concept of an individuals
constituency within the DNSO (and, like Kent, claimed that individuals
should be represented within the GA, but now individuals who are not
within Constituencies are being ignored on the working groups, showing
clearly that such a constituency is indeed mandated).

He has access to our membership, and has responded to them, so I know
he has read them.  So he knows that our rules do not permit an
organization to be a voting member.  The language is clear, only
individuals.  An individual cannot get two votes by laying claim to
two domain names, and a domain name can only be used to sponsor a
single membership.

> This is double-counting.

No, Dave, it is not.  What this is is one more attempt by you to
spread as much possible fud so as to surround the IDNO in your
invented controversy.  It really is getting old, and anyone with any
semblance of intelligence sees through it.

> How many of the other IDNO members are counted similarly?

No members were ever counted double.   Do I need to say it slowly for

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