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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Analogical thought

Roberto and all,

R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

> Richard,
> >
> > Hellooooo. This has nothing to do with multiple roots.
> >
> Suppose that you want to reach the Yahoo site.
> Under the current system ("legacy", if you want), with one root system, you
> are sure to get it by typing http:\\www.yahoo.com.
> If you have multiple roots, that point to different parts of the Name Space
> for some TLDs, and if you have different .com registries, by typing
> http:\\www.yahoo.com you may reach the Yahoo site, but you may also reach a
> different server.
> True or not?

  Not true in this context.

> Is this depending on the fact that you have multiple roots or not?

  No it does not Roberto...

> To play around with words like you do in order to demonstrate that you know
> more than I do about DNS is serving no purpose, because:
> - I admit since the beginning that this is the case (yes, you know more);
> - it convinces me (and maybe others) that you try to avoid the question.
> Regards
> Roberto


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