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[ga] Re: Santiago DNSO GA Schedule

Dennis and Andrew,

My understanding from ICANN site is that a "general pattern"
for ICANN and ICANN-related meeting entities has emerged since

Basicaly, whatever next ICANN meeting, 4 (or more) days are needed,
and the current pattern -- the one we need to correct to have
it better for Los Angeles -- follows.

Looking from the ccTLD perspective, and with San Jose experience,
we needed, if I remember correctly:
      1 morning:    regional ccTLD organizations meetings
      1 afternoon:  ccTLD constituency meeting
and it was really good to have time for a workshop about
ccTLD's experience (another half a day).

Pattern for Los Angeles to be improved:
     (Day 1) Monday:
            Possible meetings of some ICANN-related entities, 
            such as Domain Name Supporting
            Organization (DNSO) Constituency Groups. 
     (Day 2) Tuesday:
            Meeting of Governmental Advisory Committee. 
            Meeting of DNSO Constituencies 
            Meeting of DNSO General Assembly. 
            Possible meeting of DNSO Names Council 
            Possible meetings relating to  Address Supportin
            Organization or Protocol Supporting Organization. 
     (Day 3) Wednesday: 
            ICANN Open Meeting (public session with the
            ICANN Board of Directors). 
     (Day 4) Thursday: 
            Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors. 
            Press conference. 

Kind regards,