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Re: [ga] Agenda proposal

Mr. Froomkin-

The reason why there is so little coordination and control of
processes like voting is that the outcome is already known by the
people in charge of the process. Since the outcome is a foregone
conclusion, they don't waste their time with details that would only
be necessary if the outcome were in doubt. This has been true of the
entire process. Votes and consensus-taking in ICANN and its
dependencies is not done for the purpose of deciding issues, it is
done as an afterthought, for the purpose of legitimizing decisions
taken beforehand. Sloppy procedure is always a sign of extra-legal,
extra-procedural decision-making. And even were you and Joop
successful in enforcing due process, you would have no effect on the
outcome, because those who will be permitted to vote are a select
group of special interests, hand-picked for their known allegiance.
You are wasting your time, and are being laughed at by those you
believe you are helping.

Michael Froomkin a écrit:
> Could someone please fill me in on
> 1) how the total number of eligible voters compares to the number in the
> already-approved consituencies at the time they were approved?
> 2) how the % voting (or actual # voting) compares to the numbers in the
> already-approved consituencies at the time they were approved?
> We can then debate the relevance of these numbers....
> Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >
> > At 10:42 AM 27/07/1999 +0200, R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:
> >
> > >To have new individuals joining the DNSO and promoting the cause of the
> > >individual DN holders constituency will be more effective than claiming that
> > >the previous pollings were inaccurate.
> > >
> > Roberto,
> >
> > I did not say anything about accuracy.
> > What I'm saying is that a  constituency is not co-opted by the existing ones.
> >
> > >In fact, if I understand well the results of the latest elections in the
> > >IDNO, you had only 35 voting members, a large part of which claim that they
> > >don't want to have any connection with a corrupted and captured DNSO +
> > >ICANN. Maybe the real problem lies there.
> > >
> > You said it, not I. :-)
> >
> > 88 members had the right to vote, of which 35 voted. Not a bad turnout. If
> > you know what a large part of these voters "claim", you know more than me.
> > If they were not interested in the DNSO,or ICANN, why would they elect
> > people who support IDNO membership of the DNSO?
> > The IDNO has been kept out. This fact has defined it so far. Maybe the real
> > problem lies there.
> >

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