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[ga] Re: [wg-c] Vote for Working Group Co-chair

At 12:52 AM 7/26/99 +0200, Javier wrote:

If you wish to vote for a co-chair for Working group C, please put an X in
front of one of the two names below and answer to this mail with a Reply to
All before midnight EST Wednesday July 28th.

I vote for:

[ ] Kent Crispin
[ ] Jonathan Weinberger

[X] Eva Frölich

I vote for neither of Javier's two posted candidates. I believe Eva
Frölich, who was nominated within the scheduled time period, is a valid
candidate for co-chair of Work Group C and we should be allowed to vote for

My vote is cast for the "write-in" candidate, Eva Frölich

In the spirit of established online voting procedures, I urge everyone who
has already cast their vote to please reconsider, and cast a new vote for
the write-in candidate Eva Frölich. And I urge those who have chosen not to
vote or participate in the balloting to please cast a write-in ballot for
Eva Frölich.

Best wishes,

Bill Semich
pNC Member

<History of Eva's Nomination:>

>Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 08:46:32 -0400
>To: wg-c@dnso.org
>From: "J. William Semich (NIC JWS7)" <bill@mail.nic.nu>
>Subject: NOMINATION for WG-C Co-Chair
>I nominate Eva Frolich <eva@nic-se.se> as co-chair for Work Group C. She
has already made some excellent voluntary contributions to the Names
Council in its efforts to develop a self-management process for the Working
Groups, and I believe she would work to help maintain/develop the consensus
process for WG-C in an open, organized, balanced and goal-oriented manner.
>Bill Semich
>APTLD/pNC Member

At 08:31 AM 7/24/99 +0200, Javier wrote:
>I seems that we have two candidates to the position of co-chair who have
>accepted their nomination: Kent and Jonathan.
>It does not seem acceptable to me to include in a ballot somebody who has
>not accepted (given his/her permission) to be there by accepting the
>nomination. If any other of the nominees wish to be put in the ballot, they
>can say so today, otherwise I will post a ballot tomorrow with these two
>names only, and then leave three days for the members of the WG to vote.

I responded:

>Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 07:50:17 -0400
>To: wg-c@dnso.org
>From: "J. William Semich (NIC JWS7)" <bill@mail.nic.nu>
>Subject: Re: [wg-c] Election of co-chair
>Cc: eva@nic-se.se
>Bcc: fay@ripe.net
>In-Reply-To: <199907240631.IAA14487@dnso.dnso.org>
>Eva Frölich <eva@nic-se.se>, whom I nominated as co-chair for WG-C, is on
vacation and does not have access to email until July 26 or 27. Please wait
at least until then to give her the opportunity to respond.
>Bill Semich

At 09:27 AM 7/24/99 -0700, KENT CRISPIN wrote:

>1) I have absolutely no personal stake in whether or not Eva is included in 
>the election, and I have no objection to waiting until, say, July 
>29-31 to conduct the balloting.  However, that is Javier's call.
>2) That being said, an individual going on vacation is, in itself,
>obviously *not* a valid reason to delay an election, or indeed any
>operation of the WG.  During any given time period the odds are fair 
>that some "key" person or another will not be available.  That's the 
>very nature of this forum.  
>What you are obligated to do is establish reasonable time periods 
>for the operation of the decision mechanism -- long enough to get 
>good participation, short enough to permit progress to be made.  The 
>announced nomination period was one week, which does seem adequate.
>Bill made a nomination late in the nomination period, for someone he
>apparently knew would be on vacation, without their knowledge.  Their
>lack of ability to reply to the nomination doesn't seem like a valid
>reason to delay, in itself.