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Re: [ga] Revised Agenda proposal


Thank you for your response.

First, I have checked with Fay Howard, CENTR General Manager, and 
she confirms to me that she had nothing to do with setting the schedule 
for Santiago.  She and I understand that the schedule was set by ICANN.

Second, my apologies that you took the use of the word "mockery" as a 
personal insult.  It certainly was not intended that way.  Apologies to 
anyone else who felt insulted.  (It is a figure of speech intended by me to 
indicate the inappropriateness of the decision to allocate only a day to 
the DNSO GA.)

Nevertheless, it should be clear to everyone that a half-day is inadequate 
for a General Assembly of the DNSO.  Indeed, the majority of the 
comments I have received agree with me completely on this.

I recognise that there may be practical difficulties in changing the 
schedule at this stage, and that we may not be able to do it, but the 
consensus so far is that at least a day is required.  I will take this up with 
the ICANN staff in the first instance and report back to the DNSO GA list.


> Dennis,
> "mockery" ?
> I would like to remind you that the director of your organization (CENTR) is
> one of the people who approved the setting of the Santiago meeting, including
> the length of the General Assembly. I would recommend that you coordinate
> internally with her before insulting anybody who is doing actual work setting
> up things.
> Javier
> >
> > Please note that I believe that at least a full day is requried for the DNSO
> > GA (and therefore the DNSO Constituency meetings should be held the previous
> > day (the Monday)), as (in my opinion) anything less than a day makes a
> mockery
> > of the attempt at a General Assembly. 

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