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[ga] Missive post from Vany Martinez to:Re: NCDNHC Application sent by Jeff Williams Part II

Vany and all,

  Please Vany be more careful when you read some missive post to this
list such as the one you are responding to.  I have nothing what so ever to
do with niue.nu...  I do understand that you may have a language barrier.
However I am sure that you can find someone nearby that can adaquately
translate for you...

Thank you for your cooperation in advance....  >;)

Vany Martinez wrote:

Hi to all:

Please, Jeff, I think that you must correct your URL
in your application form, since such website with such URL
still is not active.

Instead of it, you should use the actual one you have for your
organization, in order to avoid misunderstandings (http://www.net.nu)
Once you have operative your new domain, then you are welcome
to submit it.

WOW!  I had to do a seach in Internet in order to find your organization.
Even there is a picture of you!!!

Best Regards

>>A.  Basic Information for Organization
>>     1.  What is the name of your Organization?
>Internet Users Society-Niue
>>      2.   Is the Organization a member of any other constituency in the
>>Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN?
>>     3.   What is the major domain name of the Organization?
>>     4.  Does the Organization have a website and if so, would you provide
>>the URL?
Jeff, I tried to access your webpage and for my surprise, still is not
You have a domain registered but your server still is down or you didn't
find where host your web page yet.  Technical problems????

Best Regards

Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
Especialista en Tecnología de Informacion/Asistente Administrativa
Red de Desarrollo Sostenible de Panama
Tel.:  (507) 230-4011 ext 213
       (507) 230-3455
Fax:   (507) 230-3646
e-mail: vany@polux.sdnp.org.pa

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