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[ga] Re: Coments about proposal of modifications/additions to origin al drafts

Roberto and all,

R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

> Kathy,
> You wrote (about observership):
> >
> > But organizations that are part of another constituency and
> > want to "observe"
> > in the NCDNHC?  I see problems with this -- mostly from the
> > perspective that
> > a participant from another constituency could be very
> > influential in shaping
> > an issue that we are discussing and trying to form a decision
> > on.  Coming in
> > from outside, with another constituency's points and
> > persuasive information,
> > might really sway our own discussions.
> >
> That's exactly the point.
> Some (non-commercial) organizations that also, for instance, operate a ccTLD
> Registry may have a different POV on certain issues, and their contribution
> will be lost if we don't allow them to speak.

  Agreed.  In addition some of those ccTLD registries may have a majority
of there registrants as noncommercial registrants as well...

> I may agree that they should not vote, because they vote somewhere else, but
> they should be able to contribute (the old concept by Stef: distinguish
> between a voice and a vote).

  If you are referring to the registry itself here, than the ccTLD's registries
not having a vote themselves might be reasonable.  However if your
meaning is that NO ccTLD registry can be a member of the noncom
and have a vote as well, than that would be arbitrarily exclusionary...

> > Let me ask:  Are other constituencies allowing observers?
> No, because the other constituencies don't have the restriction that you can
> not belong to multiple constituencies.

  And this restriction is invalid in some instances.

> THerefore they allow members of other constituencies to join even as full
> members, therefore giving voice *and* vote.

  Yes, and they should as well...

> > How involved are
> > the "observers" allowed to be in the constituency's
> > discussion?  Is there a
> > way to distinguish comments of the constituency members from
> > those of the
> > observers?
> No, but there are ways to distinguish between a good comment and a bad
> comment ;>), and that should be sufficient.

  There is not such thing as a bad comment.  the only comment that
could be construed as a bad comment is the one you have but are
reluctant for some reason, to make...

> Regards
> Roberto
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