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RE: [ga] Revised Agenda proposal

You wrote:

I would like to propose an slightly revised outline agenda for the Santiago
DNSO General Assembly meeting. (My thanks to Jean-Michel for kicking this
discussion off). 

Please note that I believe that at least a full day is requried for the DNSO
GA (and therefore the DNSO Constituency meetings should be held the previous
day (the Monday)), as (in my opinion) anything less than a day makes a
mockery of the attempt at a General Assembly.  

Of course, the DNSO GA is your baby, in a certain sense, and you may become
emotional on this issue, but I would have chosen a different wording. 

But yes, I agree that, if possible, we should provide more time than half a
day for the DNSO GA.

What I propose below is an outline - if there is any positive feedback to
this I will provide a more detailed agenda for discussion. 

I look forward to your comments. 


P.S. Please feel free to broadcast this e-mail message widely as the DNSO GA
list has barely two hundred members and is therefore quite unrepresentative
at this time.  

I agree that we shall allow wide diffusion, but if this is the mailing list
associated to the DNSO GA, discussion should be held here.

Diffusion is OK, but if somebody wants to participate to the discussion
he/she should join *this* list.

Also, if two hundred people will show up in Santiago, would you say: "Hey,
we can't discuss here, we are not representative"? 


Agenda for DNSO General Assembly 

09:00 Appointment of Chairman 

(Objective - a neutral chairman for the day) 

This is not a war.
I agree that the Chairman should be somebody to be perceived as above the
petty interests of any faction, but neutral is not my favorite choice of
word. Super partes, maybe?
BTW, I have my suggestion for a name ;>)


09:15 Report from the ICANN Board 

(Objective - an update on the ICANN Board's Requests to the DNSO) 

09:30 Report from the Interim Names Council 

(Objective - a progress report on the proposals for the administration of
the DNSO) 

10:00 Report from the DNSO Constituency Meetings 

(Objective - to provide the General Assembly with a understanding of each
DNSO Constituency, its membership, its priority issues, etc. To provide a
report on the Constituency elections to the Names Council (electorate,
voting procedures, etc.)) 

10:45 Coffee 

11:15 Review of Working Groups 

Working Groups established by the Interim Names Council

Working Groups proposed at public informal meeting held after Berlin DNSO
General Assembly

There may be suggestions for new Working Groups as well


(Objective - to scope the current work of the DNSO and to establish who is
already involved and working on the issues identified. To identify current
working group leaders and members.) 

12:30 Lunch 

13:30 Break-out Sessions for Working Groups 

(Objective - Identification of consensus to date and outstanding work items.
To identify relevant background documentation, etc.) 

15:30 Reports from the Working Group Sessions 

(Objective - Brief status reports to General Assembly with pointers to
further information for interested individuals). 

16:30 Open Forum Discussion 

(Objective - to catch anything otherwise being missed) 

17:30 Close 

I see you omitted a very important item in Jean-Michel's first proposal: the
drinks at the end. Are you sure you are Irish? ;>)