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RE: [ga] Agenda proposal


You wrote:

> The 1/3 undecided was 1/3 of a physical gathering. Their 
> support would be
> good for consensus building, but they may not be the ones who 
> decide that
> there should be a constituency of Individual DN holders.

Agreed in principle, but for the time being that vote was the only measure
that we have.

To have new individuals joining the DNSO and promoting the cause of the
individual DN holders constituency will be more effective than claiming that
the previous pollings were inaccurate.

In fact, if I understand well the results of the latest elections in the
IDNO, you had only 35 voting members, a large part of which claim that they
don't want to have any connection with a corrupted and captured DNSO +
ICANN. Maybe the real problem lies there.