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Re: [ga] Revised Agenda proposal

Dennis Jennings wrote:
> Dear General Assembly Members,
> I would like to propose an slightly revised outline agenda for the
> Santiago DNSO General Assembly meeting. (My thanks to Jean-Michel for
> kicking this discussion off).
> Please note that I believe that at least a full day is requried for
> the DNSO GA (and therefore the DNSO Constituency meetings should be
> held the previous day (the Monday)), as (in my opinion) anything less
> than a day makes a mockery of the attempt at a General Assembly.
> What I propose below is an outline - if there is any positive feedback
> to this I will provide a more detailed agenda for discussion.
> I look forward to your comments.
> Dennis
> P.S. Please feel free to broadcast this e-mail message widely as the
> DNSO GA list has barely two hundred members and is therefore quite
> unrepresentative at this time.
> -------------
> Agenda for DNSO General Assembly
> 09:00 Appointment of Chairman
> (Objective – a neutral chairman for the day)

We are discussing about the GA meetingon Tuesday 24, right?

I think that there are Consituency meetigns scheduled for the morning, and
that GA was supposed to run on the afternoon. Has this changed?

Regarding the agenda you propose, I think it is perfeclty fit. Except that I
wonder what is a "neutral" chair. Neutral regarding what? beer or whiskey?
Uniform dispute policy or not? run or slow down? formal or informal
procedures? TM interests and DN interests? "closed· and "open" ccTLDs? ;-))