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[ga] Re: NCDNHC Application and Information Form

Randy and all,

  Also in conjunction with Randy's statements.  It is difficult to see
where New York University could consider itself a NON-COMMERCIAL
organization, to say the least.

Randy Bush wrote:

> >      3.  How is it that you have come to represent the Organization in this
> > Constituency?  (Please furnish appropriate indication that the Organization
> > has authorized your participation, for example, vote of membership, vote of
> > directors, action by officer(s) or consensus of members.)
> >
> > I am responsible for both internal and external networking at New York
> > University.  My organizations administers the domain 'nyu.edu.'
> george, this is not meant as an attack on you, your veracity, or intent.
> i believe that the intent of this question was to have the member's clear
> assertion that they have authorization from the named institution, e.g. nyu,
> to represent it in these matters.  i.e. has the president's office (or
> whatever the appropriate organizational entity) authorized the university
> being so named and represented?
> consider the liability to the dnso/ncdnhc/... of asserting "institution x is
> a member who agrees with policy y" when the trustees of x find that policy y
> is not in x's best interest and the ncdnhc has not done any diligence to
> check that the representative of the institution at least asserts that they
> are authorized to represent it.
> randy
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