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Re: [ga] Agenda proposal

At 12:11 PM 23/07/1999 +0200, Jean-Michel Becar wrote:

>This is my proposal for the agenda of the DNSO GA in Santiago :
>1- Constituencies updates
>  A) each constituencies could make a 10 minutes speech

This should include the IDNO constituency.

  B) Public comments on constituencies
> 2- Chairman's Working Groups updates
>   A) DG F
>   B) WG A
>   C) WG B
>   D) WG C
>   E) WG D
>   F) WG E 
>   G) Public comments on working groups
>3- Elections of the NC 
>  When could be done? and how?
>On that point I think that if the GA decide if we can go for the elections
>at least for the recognized constituencies : ccTLD,     Commercial and
>Business entities, Registrars, Intellectual Property, ISP, they can process
>during the Santiago and thus start to have a partial elected NC, which I
>think it's better than a provisional NC.

the IDNO constituency ,if it has  already successfully carried out its
elections for the NC, can be provisionally part of the NC, until the ICANN
Board confirms its recognition of them.
This is what is meant with bottom-up organization. There is no need to
await the word from on high.
To constitute the NC just days before ICANN would recognize the IDNO, so
that it is too late for the IDNO delegates to be included, would not
enhance the legitimacy of the NC.

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners