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[ga] dnso.org's lists

As of today, July 25th 1999, we have the following number of
participants to the dnso.org's lists:

     90 announce
    105 ga
     17 wg-a
     20 wg-b
     52 wg-c
     31 wg-c-1
     22 wg-c-2
     21 wg-c-3
      6 wg-d
      0 wg-d-1
      0 wg-d-2
      5 wg-e

The first two lists: announce@dnso.org and ga@dnso.org are open
for public subscriptions. It means that anybody can subscribe,
provided that Majordomo checks the sender address -- you need to
send your request to majordomo@dnso.org from the same email address
you are requesting subscription for. The last rule is necessary
to prevent Joe.Spammer@some.where to subscribe *you* to every
majordomo list without *your* knowledge and *your* consent.

As the population of ga@dnso.org and announce@dnso.org are not
identical neither both lists have the same purpose, the DNSO
secretariat is sending all announcements to both.

The members of every list except announce@dnso.org have access 
to information about other subscribers through majordomo "who" request.

The subscriptions to wg-* lists are managed by some volounteers,
sometimes with the help/backup/startup of the DNSO listadmin.

All lists are publicly archived,
see http://www.dnso.org/listsdnso.html for more information.

Whereas we use Majordomo mecanismes for public comments,
you do not need (and you cannot) subscribe to comments-*@dnso.org.
Public comments are open for everybody, and there is a need
for a human to approve received messages (spam problem).
This may explain why your message sent to comments-*@dnso.org
do not appears immediately on the website.

The non-cross posting rule is reinforced on the dnso.org.

All rules are evolving with experience and dnso.org needs.

DNSO Secretariat