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Re: [ga] Essay on ICANN

Jonathan and all,

  Well Jon, your answer to the last question was WAY off base!

Jonathan Weinberg wrote:

>         Make no mistake -- I support ICANN a whole lot more than you do, Michael.
> (After all, who doesn't?)  But everything in my five-minute opening
> statement was taken directly from the prepared testimony.  As for the Q&A,
> here is Ben Edelman's "scribes's notes" summary (from
> <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/events/Commerce-Scribe-072299.html>).
> The first two answers were critical of ICANN and NSI, and the third was
> supportive of Commerce (which is guardedly supportive of ICANN).
>       Upton: Is ICANN board representative? Is ICANN going too far by
> attempting to address cybersquatting?
>                Weinberg: Board isnít representative. PSO and ASO will send
> engineers to the Board. DNSO will send people interested in
>                the business of registering domain names. Need At-Large
> Membership to represent the interests of individuals. An agreement
>                will be reached re cybersquatting.
>        Klink: Is there a game of chicken going on here? Will the Internet
> come crashing down if NSI walks away?
>               Weinberg: NSI would like to have the real power over its
> gTLDs, ideally with the "fig leaf" of someone elseís so-called control. It
>                would be a big mess if the gTLDs were pulled away from NSI.
>        Pickering: Want to set up a structure for accountability. Does USG
> need to step in until issues are adequately addressed in an open
>           forum? Does NTIA/DoC have adequate authority?
>                Weinberg: Donít need to step in. ICANN has a long way to go,
> as does NSI of course. But DoC is basically doing all the right
>                things, maybe being too timid sometimes in its negotiations
> with NSI (but thatís "backseat driving"). Committee should throw its
>                support behind the DoC.
> Jon
> At 04:33 PM 7/23/99 -0400, Michael Sondow wrote:
> >Jonathan Weinberg a ťcrit:
> >>
> >>         Since yesterday's hearing, I've read characterizations of my
> testimony
> >> from a variety of people, most recently Michael Sondow, on this list.
> >> Here's a copy of my prepared testimony (which was distributed at the
> >> hearing; I gave an edited version orally).  Any folks who care can read it
> >> for themselves.
> >
> >As I said in my post, I was referring to your verbal testimony not
> >your written one. In verbal testimony, you supported ICANN. You
> >sounded like an auxiliary for Olgilvie.
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