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Re: [ga] Essay on ICANN

	Make no mistake -- I support ICANN a whole lot more than you do, Michael.
(After all, who doesn't?)  But everything in my five-minute opening
statement was taken directly from the prepared testimony.  As for the Q&A,
here is Ben Edelman's "scribes's notes" summary (from
The first two answers were critical of ICANN and NSI, and the third was
supportive of Commerce (which is guardedly supportive of ICANN).

      Upton: Is ICANN board representative? Is ICANN going too far by
attempting to address cybersquatting? 
               Weinberg: Board isnít representative. PSO and ASO will send
engineers to the Board. DNSO will send people interested in
               the business of registering domain names. Need At-Large
Membership to represent the interests of individuals. An agreement
               will be reached re cybersquatting. 
       Klink: Is there a game of chicken going on here? Will the Internet
come crashing down if NSI walks away? 
              Weinberg: NSI would like to have the real power over its
gTLDs, ideally with the "fig leaf" of someone elseís so-called control. It
               would be a big mess if the gTLDs were pulled away from NSI. 
       Pickering: Want to set up a structure for accountability. Does USG
need to step in until issues are adequately addressed in an open
          forum? Does NTIA/DoC have adequate authority? 
               Weinberg: Donít need to step in. ICANN has a long way to go,
as does NSI of course. But DoC is basically doing all the right
               things, maybe being too timid sometimes in its negotiations
with NSI (but thatís "backseat driving"). Committee should throw its
               support behind the DoC. 


At 04:33 PM 7/23/99 -0400, Michael Sondow wrote:
>Jonathan Weinberg a ťcrit:
>>         Since yesterday's hearing, I've read characterizations of my
>> from a variety of people, most recently Michael Sondow, on this list.
>> Here's a copy of my prepared testimony (which was distributed at the
>> hearing; I gave an edited version orally).  Any folks who care can read it
>> for themselves.
>As I said in my post, I was referring to your verbal testimony not
>your written one. In verbal testimony, you supported ICANN. You
>sounded like an auxiliary for Olgilvie.
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