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[ga] Agenda proposal

Dear all,

As I can see the discussion is not really constructive at that time. So
let's try to make things happen instead of trying to go back to the old
situation, Do you remember? So now let's go to work.

This is my proposal for the agenda of the DNSO GA in Santiago :

1- Constituencies updates
  A) each constituencies could make a 10 minutes speech
  B) Public comments on constituencies
 2- Chairman's Working Groups updates
   A) DG F
   B) WG A
   C) WG B
   D) WG C
   E) WG D
   F) WG E 
   G) Public comments on working groups
3- Elections of the NC 
  When could be done? and how?
On that point I think that if the GA decide if we can go for the elections
at least for the recognized constituencies : ccTLD,     Commercial and
Business entities, Registrars, Intellectual Property, ISP, they can process
during the Santiago and thus start to have a partial elected NC, which I
think it's better than a provisional NC.
The gTLD and the non Commercial must try to make their best effort to come
up with a solution to be recognized during this meeting. The gTLD must
accept the fact to have only one representative and the non Comm must find a
way to exist.
4- Non commercial constituencie update
5- Plan for the next months and future
  According to John C. Lewis inputs:
  A) DNSO Funding  
  B) Business plan & Financial report
  C) Reltaionship of DNSO finances to the ICANN Board and operations
  D) Actions to be taken for the next months
      -- Nomination for the Borad : but we must wait for all constituencies
NC representative.
  E) Preparation of the LA meeting
6- Public general comments
7- Buffet or drink ---- Very important item
Jean-Michel Bécar
E.T.S.I. Project Manager
Tel: +(33) (0)4 92 94 43 15
Fax: +(33) (0)4 92 38 52 15