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[ga] Further Call for submissions re: WG-A preliminary report

To all:

This is a reminder that the public comment period for WG-A's preliminary
report concludes at the end of this week.  This comment period has been
open since July 8, 1999.  Anyone, whether a WG-A member, DNSO / GA member,
or not,  who has any further recommendations, comments or views to offer on
the subject matter of WG-A's study, namely Chapter 3 Dispute Resolution of
the WIPO Final Report, is strongly encouraged to post them at their
earliest convenience to the GA list, so that they may be reviewed and/or
discussed in the time remaining, by other interested members of the GA, and
WG-A members during the preparation of the Final Report to the NC.  

Thank you.

Jonathan Cohen
Co-Chair, WG-A