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[ga] Re: Closing List (dnso-ip)

Eric and all,

  Mr. Fingerhunt, I find your response to Russ Smith regarding his
"Tone" of his post (See below) as unwarranted and frankly appalling.
In fact I find that the "Tone" or your response to Russ's post very
questionable based on the concerns that Russ was frankly and
bluntly stating, and correctly so.

  In the future, please discontinue these missives as round about
methods of attempting to discredit someone for their concerns.
It is both distasteful and inappropriate.

  Thank you for your cooperation in advance...

Eric_Fingerhut@shawpittman.com wrote:

> Dear Mr. Smith:
> As an observing participant in the IP Constituency from the Intellectual
> Property Law Section of the District of Columbia Bar (application for membership
> in the IPC pending), I must say that I am not fond of the tone of your email.
> Attorney misconduct is a serious charge and when allegations of impropriety are
> well-founded, they are taken seriously.  I am not commenting one way or the
> other on the merits of your complaint since I do not know much about it.  That
> said, I will educate myself so that I can draw my own conclusions and then let
> you and anyone else who is interested know what I think.
> Sincerely,
> Eric T. Fingerhut
> "domainiac" <domainiac@home.com> on 07/21/99 09:21:52 AM
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> Subject:  RE: Closing List (dnso-ip)
> I personally am still trying to figure out what is going on.  I tried
> joining the IP constituency just after the Berlin meeting.  I also joined
> this list because I was led to believe that this list was part of that group
> and that the issues raised would be posted to this list.  This has not
> happened.  Now the list is being closed?
> I was initially not allowed to join the IP constituency and I was given a
> big runaround.  I was told that I had to member of an industry organization
> and that I could participate through them.  After I complained they let me
> become a member and they have sent me materials.
> I was unable to attend the meeting that was recently held so I sent in some
> questions and comments via e-mail.  The questions related to the groups
> recommendations about classifying "abusive" registrations.  The current plan
> is to classify such registrations using criteria such as intent when
> registering, pattern of other registrations, etc.  I asked who would
> investigate and decide on such matters.  I also asked about how I would vote
> on the recommendations the group would be making to ICANN.  I have not
> received any response.  I believe that they want to exclude individuals from
> voting but they won't tell me one way or the other.  Now they are closing
> the discussion list?????  What is going on?
> As far as I can tell the group's main focus is to ensure there are policies
> in place so crooked lawyers can misrepresent the rules in an effort to take
> domains away from the rightful owner.  The DC bar Association has also
> refused to handle a complaint against a lawyer from Covington & Burling who
> told me to give up a domain or face a federal lawsuit.  The lawyer was
> lying, misrepresented the law, and never filed suit and now the DC Bar
> Association has blessed this activity.  As far as I can tell the IP
> constituency has not addressed this very common situation.  Personally, my
> next step is to start filing criminal complaints against some of these
> crooked lawyers.
> Please add me to the IDNO.
> Russ Smith
> http://domainia.org
> >P.S. You will not need to unsubscribe; the list will be terminated.
> >
> >Thank you for your efforts with this list, Bret.
> >Does this mean that participation of individuals in the IP constituency is
> >definitely closed?
> >In that case the IDNO would be welcoming the frustrated and disenfranchised
> >with open arms.
> >--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
> >the Cyberspace Association,
> >the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
> >http://www.idno.org


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