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Re: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

Raul and all,

  Raul, all Florencio need to do is contact CNN or TBS and they will
be happy to provide all that you need at no cost for this meeting.
I have already verified this...

Raul Echeberria wrote:

> >Remote from where, may I ask?
> >
> >About the location of the meeting, it has been asked since the beginning of
> >ICANN by the LatinoAmericans to hold a meeting in that region.
> >In fact, if you go back to the archives, there was a lot of discussion about
> >the marginalization of LatinoAmerica and Africa, that, for instance, had no
> >representative on the initial Board.
> Thank you for remember it.
> >
> >Just for the record, may I remind that the same resistance has been shown by
> >the IFWP to hold a meeting in Buenos Aires (the initial proposal was for
> >three meetings only, Reston, Geneva, Singapore).
> >The LatinoAmericans insisted, and organized what has been, from the
> >organizational and financial POV, the most successful of the series, with
> >videoconference with Prof. Frankel in Cambridge, simultaneous translation in
> >three languages, and complete cost-recovery.
> I already sent copy of the mail from Theresa to Florencio Utreras
> (futreras@reuna.cl). He is working in the local organization of the ICANN
> meeting in Chile. May be he has a cheapper solution to webcasting. I know
> he has been working in this topic.
> As an advance, I can inform you that in Santiago there will be simultaneous
> translation in three languages similar to Buenos Aires IFWP meeting.
> Raul Echeberria -
> raul@inia.org.uy
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> Andes 1365 Piso 12
> Montevideo - URUGUAY
> Tel. 598 2 9020550


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