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[ga] Re: [IFWP] NCDNHC Constituency annuncement from ISOC

Gene and all,

  This is almost laughable.  Don Heath again is talking out of both
sides of his mouth, as the Link reference and this post will show
when put up against the minuets of the Berlin meeting regarding
Don's comments of the very formation of the NCDNHC.....

Gene Marsh wrote:

> 1. President's Report
> by Don Heath, President and CEO, heath@isoc.org
> In the interest of building the broadest possible consensus
> on the formation of this constituency for the ICANN Domain
> Name Supporting Organization (DNSO), ISOC and the
> organizations comprising the NCDNSO have joined with others
> to create a compromise coalition under the NCDNHC (from the
> headline above) banner. See
> http://www.isoc.org/internet/issues/ for current status and
> information about participation.  This is a major step
> forward in reaching consensus and we would expect to see the
> group recognized by ICANN by the time of their board meeting
> in August, in Chile.
> ++++++++++
> Gene Marsh
> president, anycastNET Incorporated
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