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Re: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

>I did not mean to imply that Santiago is "in the middle of nowhere".
>It would appear, however, that given the current locations of the
>participants in these proceedings, and the boards of the various
>groups meeting there, it counts as "remote".
>I have nothing against having meetings in various locations around the
>globe, provided that ICANN (and the DNSO, in this case) make provisions
>to accomodate those of us who don't have an expense account to pay for
>the trip.

I agree. It's most important for us than for you. 

>The point is that Ms. Swineheart came to the GA list, a list full of
>those who most likely can't afford to make a trip to Santiago, and
>proclaimed that the GA needs to find some way to finance their only
>means of participation in a meeting whose location they had no control

I understand you, but think that is more expensive for us travel to Berlin,
Singapur and the States.

>Those who made the decision should bear the cost of ensuring the
>meeting is accessible to all, and not just to those who can afford it.

It seems again that it is only applicable to the Santiago ICANN meeting. I
tought the same the last two years.

I'm sure that the Santiago ICANN meeting will be very well organized and it
will be very succesful. 

You can access information about the meeting in:

http://www.icann.org/santiago/santiago-details.htm and 

http://www.reuna.cl/icann (there is information in english and spanish,
portuguese is coming soon)

Raul Echeberria

Foro Latinoamericano de Redes - ENRED 
Presidente Alterno 

-    See you in the next ICANN Meeting
-    Santiago de Chile, Chile
-    August 23th to 26th.