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RE: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

>Remote from where, may I ask?
>About the location of the meeting, it has been asked since the beginning of
>ICANN by the LatinoAmericans to hold a meeting in that region.
>In fact, if you go back to the archives, there was a lot of discussion about
>the marginalization of LatinoAmerica and Africa, that, for instance, had no
>representative on the initial Board.

Thank you for remember it.

>Just for the record, may I remind that the same resistance has been shown by
>the IFWP to hold a meeting in Buenos Aires (the initial proposal was for
>three meetings only, Reston, Geneva, Singapore).
>The LatinoAmericans insisted, and organized what has been, from the
>organizational and financial POV, the most successful of the series, with
>videoconference with Prof. Frankel in Cambridge, simultaneous translation in
>three languages, and complete cost-recovery.

I already sent copy of the mail from Theresa to Florencio Utreras
(futreras@reuna.cl). He is working in the local organization of the ICANN
meeting in Chile. May be he has a cheapper solution to webcasting. I know
he has been working in this topic.

As an advance, I can inform you that in Santiago there will be simultaneous
translation in three languages similar to Buenos Aires IFWP meeting.

Raul Echeberria -

Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agropecuaria.
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