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Re: Fwd: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

Adam and all,

  This requirement for the Santiago meeting is of course unnecessary
as I have also informed Theresa Swinehart in a post to the ga@dnso.org
mailing list (See archives).  They need only contact CNN or TBS whom
will be happy to provide these services for this meeting.   The fact that
the pNC/NC has not done so to date is a mystery to me....

  As such it shows that the current pNC/NC is incompetent in its
ability to do proper planning and coordination.

Adam Peake wrote:

> In case anyone on this list missed the news, webcasting of the
> Santiago DNSO meeting is going to cost money.
> Perhaps a good time for us to start talking about possible funding
> of the NCDNHC and DNSO activities.
> Adam
> Adam Peake
> GLOCOM  Tokyo
> >
> > Subject: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting
> > Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 23:01:39 -0400
> > From: Theresa Swinehart <Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com>
> > To: council@dnso.org, ga@dnso.org
> > CC: theresa.swinehart@wcom.com
> >
> >
> > DNSO members --
> >
> > In the process of starting to try to organize the DNSO meetings in Santiago
> > there is the issue of costs, and how to cover expenses for meeting rooms and
> > equipment, and for webcasting if sought. If the Santiago DNSO meetings are
> > webcast live, substantial additional expenses will be incurred (est. US$
> > 5,000), which at this point the DNSO cannot cover. Working along the premise
> > of past meetings, participants arrange to pay their own expenses to attend
> > meetings of course; costs of using rooms, equipment for
> > meeting/communication onsite have been covered by a meeting/participation
> > cost (approx. $ 50.-). If the DNSO wants to have all the DNSO meetings
> > webcast in Santiago, the webcasting expenses will need to somehow be
> > covered.
> >
> > Therefore, in order to live webcast the Santiago DNSO meetings -- that is,
> > to have the ability to broadcast the meeting online and receive e-mail
> > comments simultaneously to the meeting -- a method of financing it will need
> > to be reached before any sort of commitment can be made to provide it. This
> > note is to let those who use the webcasting facilities, and would like to
> > see it available for all the DNSO meetings in Santiago, know that a solution
> > for financing it needs to be found. The timing is important, as in order to
> > have the mechanism provided for the ICANN meetings also used for the DNSO
> > meetings a commitment needs to be made whether or not it will be needed.
> >
> > Theresa
> >
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