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[ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

DNSO members --

In the process of starting to try to organize the DNSO meetings in Santiago
there is the issue of costs, and how to cover expenses for meeting rooms and
equipment, and for webcasting if sought. If the Santiago DNSO meetings are
webcast live, substantial additional expenses will be incurred (est. US$
5,000), which at this point the DNSO cannot cover. Working along the premise
of past meetings, participants arrange to pay their own expenses to attend
meetings of course; costs of using rooms, equipment for
meeting/communication onsite have been covered by a meeting/participation
cost (approx. $ 50.-). If the DNSO wants to have all the DNSO meetings
webcast in Santiago, the webcasting expenses will need to somehow be

Therefore, in order to live webcast the Santiago DNSO meetings -- that is,
to have the ability to broadcast the meeting online and receive e-mail
comments simultaneously to the meeting -- a method of financing it will need
to be reached before any sort of commitment can be made to provide it. This
note is to let those who use the webcasting facilities, and would like to
see it available for all the DNSO meetings in Santiago, know that a solution
for financing it needs to be found. The timing is important, as in order to
have the mechanism provided for the ICANN meetings also used for the DNSO
meetings a commitment needs to be made whether or not it will be needed.