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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen disqualified as Intellectual property rep resentative

Mike Flynn wrote:
>  what is the focus of this discussion group, to get these important issues
> discussed and resolved, or to engage in this nonsense?  focus on the task at
> hand.

I believe the task at hand is to organize fair and representative
constituencies, so that policies can be evolved that take into
account all interests and not merely those of the few stakeholders
currently in possession of the DNSO.

You are content to evolve one-sided policies that benefit only the
few? Go right ahead and see if you can get away with it. But don't
tell me to shut up when I ask for an expansion of the field to
include those who have been excluded.

As to Mr. Cohen, I was quite serious, and those who finally judge
this process will take it just as seriously as I. A person who knows
so little about the Internet, and who has so little sense of
intellectual honesty in identification (which after all is
supposedly his main subject of expertise and responsibility in the
DNSO), should not be permitted to be the spokesperson for the
Intellectual Property Constituency. It's just another farce, like
David Maher, a trademark lawyer for IBM, nominating himself as an NC
member from the Non-Commercial Constituency.

You want to live a lie? I can't stop you. But don't expect everyone
else to live it with you.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael Sondow
> To: DNSO General Assembly (ISOC/CORE)
> Sent: 7/15/99 9:32 AM
> Subject: [ga] Jonathan Cohen disqualified as Intellectual property
> representative
> Jonathan is posting messages to the DNSO lists from a mailbox that
> is not his own, using another person's name and adress as the sender
> and therefore as the reply name and address. This is tantamount to
> impersonation, is in flagrant violation of the WIPO rules, the ICANN
> Registrar Accreditation Policy rules, and established correct
> practice on the Internet.
> Such a flagrant violatuon of Intellectual Property and the basic
> rules for identification and honesty should be sufficient to
> disqualify the perpetrator from having any voice in Intellectual
> Property issues, much less from being a Names Council representative
> for an Intellectual Property constituency.
> By using another person's name and address, Jonathan Cohen has
> disqualified himself from the position he now holds in the IP
> Constituency and on the DNSO Names Council.

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