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Re: [ga] Majordomo results (fwd)

At 08:05 PM 7/15/99 , Gordon Cook wrote:
>I applaud your measured responses michael.  Randy has very little time for 
>mere mortals ...
>your patience is admirable.

Patience, perhaps.  Reading skills, afraid not.

Randy's note clearly pertained to a question of list management policy.

The 'this' therefore could not be referring to anything broader.

Hence, Michael's question was entirely gratuitous.


>>I'm sorry, but your note was too terse for me to parse confidently.
>>Which "this" do you refer to? Something about list management?  In that
>>case, no. Something about the substance of my long post?  In that case,
>>If you mean should we have an ongoing discussion about ADR as it happens,
>>I guess if we get to that, we should, but that's not my primary concern
>>this week.
>>On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Randy Bush wrote:
>> > > This is odd: why should a mailing list for public comment
>> > > 1) have moderated subscriptions
>> > > 2) require subscription to make postings rather than accept them 
>> from the
>> > > public (my postings to this list seem to have vanished into the 
>> ether...)
>> >
>> > anti-spam.  pretty standard stuff.
>> >
>> > were you thinking of putting this in the dispute resolution process?

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