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Re: [ga] Mailing lists

Dear Javier Sola,

enforcing the non-cross-posting rule will become a lot easier for you if
the Council, through you or some authorized speaker, does at least
as much as acknowledge receipt of comments or proposals. Responses related
to the contents and subject matter of mailings would be much more welcome
and eliminate the impression that there are two discussions, one within
the NC and another outside of it, but not between the community and the

Cross posting should be allowed at least with the following structure:
postings to the NC which are also discussion itmes must also be sent to
GA and to the more "local" list, eg NCDNHC or WG-x.

Also the non-cross-posting rule will continue to be self-defeating in that
the same mail can be sent as an orignal to all lists.  A more responsive
and participative attitude from the NC will help more than rules like

A significant number of comments and proposals have been made in the last
weeks with too scant a response from the group you are heading. Many are
well-meaning, product of the thought of different collectives, and
technically well grounded. Were they not they would still merit discussion
of their merits or lack of them. We now know the "official" rules to get
messages into the NC. What are the rules, written or not, for the opposite

Alejandro Pisanty

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