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[ga] Mailing lists

Elisabeth Pourteneuve is the voluntary secretariat of the DNSO. She is
putting a large chunk of her time to try to follow up with the web-site and
setting up of mailing lists.

She is, among other things, enforcing the rules that we have about public
comments, which are very simple: comments must be addressed to the names
council and may not be a copy of a mail sent somewhere else. No
cross-posting. This makes the comments readable, not allowing people to
spam to the comment section their flames to othe people. All this is public
or transparent. The rules are posted.

The who command is enabled in all the lists of wg-c.

>FWIW, in the interests of transparency, I'd like to see the "who" command 
>in majordomo enabled for the Working Group lists. I find it helpful to 
>know who is on a list (and who is not). I note that it's enabled on ga 
>and disabled, for example, on wg-a.

If you have a complain about anything, or you want to know something,
please address Elisabeth (politely, please), it has the same effect on the
matter than complaining in public about something that a volunteer is doing.

Elisabeth, for her own sanity, is on vacation this week and next week, but
AFNIC has set up a permanent secretariat for emergencies.