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Re: [ga] Majordomo results (fwd)

>>> This is odd: why should a mailing list for public comments
>>> 1) have moderated subscriptions
>>> 2) require subscription to make postings rather than accept them from the
>>> public (my postings to this list seem to have vanished into the ether...)
>> anti-spam.  pretty standard stuff.
>> were you thinking of putting this in the dispute resolution process?
> I'm sorry, but your note was too terse for me to parse confidently.  
> Which "this" do you refer to? Something about list management?  In that
> case, no. Something about the substance of my long post?  In that case,
> yes.
> If you mean should we have an ongoing discussion about ADR as it happens,
> I guess if we get to that, we should, but that's not my primary concern
> this week.

apologies.  it was a request to discuss substance not form.