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Re: [ga] Majordomo results (fwd)

In article <199907152007.NAA24237@agamemnon.home.com> you wrote:
> On 15 July 1999, Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org> wrote:
>>Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law a écrit:
>>> PS. Who *is* the list-owner?
>>Elizabeth Potreneuve administers the lists and the website. But
>>she's only a lower-echelon operative of CORE. She takes her orders
>>from Amadeu Abril i Abril, Kent Crispin, David Maher, Javier Sola,
>>and the other ISOC/CORE mafiosi.

> Actually, Javier Sola has admitted to administering at least the
> WG-C list, deciding the fate of new gTLDs.

Hmm, yesterday I mailed majordomo@dnso.org and the
DSNO.Listadmin@dnso.org address as told on the website,
and I'm still waiting patiently.

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