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Re: [ga] Majordomo results (fwd)

Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law a écrit:
> This is odd: why should a mailing list for public comments
> 1) have moderated subscriptions
> 2) require subscription to make postings rather than accept them from the
> public

Answer: So that the ISOC/CORE people running the DNSO can manipulate
and control the list. Q.E.D.

> PS. Who *is* the list-owner?

> Can more info about posting to these lists
> please be placed on the dnso.org page?

No, Michael. You see, they (the CORE people who manipulate the DNSO
lists) need to keep things flexible so that they can change around
the operation of them to suit the circumstances. That's what they
did with the dnso.org lists they created during the
Barcelona/Monterrey phase, it worked very well for them, and they're
using the same tactics again here.

> And would it be possible for the www.dnso.org page to include contact info
> for the person/people who control that page?

Elizabeth Potreneuve administers the lists and the website. But
she's only a lower-echelon operative of CORE. She takes her orders
from Amadeu Abril i Abril, Kent Crispin, David Maher, Javier Sola,
and the other ISOC/CORE mafiosi.