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[ga] Pondering...

I'm curious about something.

Right now, the pDNC has established several working groups (WGs).  
These WGs are currently chaired by members of the pDNC, appointed 
by the pDNC.  There are those who will not participate in the WGs
because they view either the WGs, the pDNC, or both as illegitimate.

In the meantime, the WGs move on.  They will make their reports to
the pDNC, who in turn will make recommendations to ICANN, who will
most likely enact these recommendations.

If I understand the ICANN bylaws, there's only one place where the
WG report can be shot down before it reaches ICANN, and that's
by the pDNC themselves.  But the pDNC does not represent all

The only place the DNSO/pDNC recommendation can be shot down is
by the board of ICANN.  However, ICANN was appointed, not elected,
and is still not fully-formed.

So, right now, we're in a situation where decisions are being 
made about various issues, in a system without process, controlled
by appointed members of the pDNC and ICANN.  And it's being done
on a timetable that ends before any seat-changes are mandated.

Is there nothing that the GA can do about this?

I've already considered recuiting like-minded individuals to 
participate in the working groups.  I realized that this would
be viewed as an attempt at capture.

I've asked that the decisions be slowed until some form of
process is in place to ensure a fair and legitimate decision-making
process in the WGs.  It was, for the most part, ignored.

I'm beginning to believe that the only true solution is to organize
a walk-out, en masse, away from ICANN, the DNSO, and the pDNC.
The only legitimacy these groups have is that which we give them.
If we all get up and walk away, they lose that.  As long as
we continue to try to participate in a system where the cards
have been so obviously stacked against us, we do nothing but add
credence to their actions.

I really hope there's an alternative, but this has become
very disheartening.

On a somewhat brighter note, it's being reported that Sen. 
Bliley is requesting that a representative of ICANN appear in
a hearing about their actions.


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