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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen disqualified as Intellectual property representative


  I am afraid that Michael is essentially correct here.  If the ICANN is

going to purport to be able to impose a set of policies unilaterally,
it (Meaning the DNSO members and constituency members)
should be at least held accountable to their own rules/policies.

  From Victoria and Jonathan's own admission, they don't believe
that they are required to adhere to those policies/rules, or are
SPECIAL cases of some sort.

  Looks and sounds pretty hypocritical to me....

Michael Sondow wrote:

> Jonathan is posting messages to the DNSO lists from a mailbox that
> is not his own, using another person's name and adress as the sender
> and therefore as the reply name and address. This is tantamount to
> impersonation, is in flagrant violation of the WIPO rules, the ICANN
> Registrar Accreditation Policy rules, and established correct
> practice on the Internet.
> Such a flagrant violatuon of Intellectual Property and the basic
> rules for identification and honesty should be sufficient to
> disqualify the perpetrator from having any voice in Intellectual
> Property issues, much less from being a Names Council representative
> for an Intellectual Property constituency.
> By using another person's name and address, Jonathan Cohen has
> disqualified himself from the position he now holds in the IP
> Constituency and on the DNSO Names Council.


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