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Re: [ga] General Comments on the agenda

David and all,

  Good point David, I completely agree.  Unfortunately it appears that
Javier and seemingly the rest of the pNC/NC (Legitimate?) is either
incapable of answering ANY questions, or other matters, such as
replying to flame bate take precedence, from what I can see here
in Javiers example (See below Davids comment).

  To date, I have submitted over 15 questions for the pNC/NC,
that remain unanswered...  Some are now as old as 12 days.

David R. Conrad wrote:

> Speaking of attacks.
> Can we at least bloody well try to address some of the substantive
> issues please?  I am sick to death of the childish bullshit that has
> enveloped any discussion of DNS administration.
> Various individuals have asked for clarification on how the mailing
> lists are handled.  Can you or someone else answer the damn questions?
> Regards,
> -drc
> P.S. I suspect Gordon was referring to the name change of the list.
> Javier wrote:
> > Sorry, "Dr." Cook, being a clown is not enough to be throw out. You will
> > have to try harder.  You have not even made it to my kill file yet.
> >
> > By the way, the last doctor that you attacked for using his title was a
> > gynecologist from Namibia, in case you don't know yet (Dr. Lisse) (that
> > time that you told us how important your title and university were...
> > remember?)
> >
> > >..... I was placed on it without any request on my part.
> >
> > Joining the list requires confirmation from the e-mail address the e-mail
> > will be sent to, which only you can give. Maybe majordomo has an exception
> > mechanism that automatically includes doctors in Russian studies from dark
> > southern universities, but I am not aware if it.
> >
> > If you wish to be taken out of the list,  all you need to do is send an
> > unsubcribe request to majordomo@dnso.org.
> >
> > But please don't... I find you amusing... please tell us again about how
> > important your title is, some people in this list may not have yet heard
> > the whole story about it.
> >
> > Javier


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