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Re: [ga] General Comments on the agenda

>Speaking of attacks.
>Can we at least bloody well try to address some of the substantive
>issues please?  I am sick to death of the childish bullshit that has
>enveloped any discussion of DNS administration.
>Various individuals have asked for clarification on how the mailing
>lists are handled.  Can you or someone else answer the damn questions?
>P.S. I suspect Gordon was referring to the name change of the list.

Thank you David......  I am speaking not of any name change but of 
the fact that as far as I can tell virtually every group and every 
sub group has its *own* list and that the rules such as they are seem 
to change daily at the  whim of core.  Witness Ken stubs reply to 
froomkin last night.

BTW as far as who starts the attacks.  In early january I published a 
note saying that I had heard a RUMOR that core had a take-over of the 
dnso worked out and underway.  I asked people to let me know if this 
was just a rumor or if there were any substance to it.  I had no idea 
that Javier even existed until he sent me a private flame wondering 
why anyone would ever buy the "kook" report.  The six months since 
then bear out the soundness of the rumor if one can manage to look 
with any objectivity at the membership of the names council and the 
behavior of "mr" sola.

And what prey tell is the "general assembly?"  A powerless supporting 
organization for another "supporting organization" which since its 
policy can be over ruled at will by the icann board, also has no 
power.  In the ensuing vacuum it is amusing to see javier rant and 
stomp his feet.  If the IAB behaved as the names council has I 
strongly suspect that the IETF would rise and throw it out.

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