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[ga] Jonathan Cohen disqualified as Intellectual property representative

Jonathan is posting messages to the DNSO lists from a mailbox that
is not his own, using another person's name and adress as the sender
and therefore as the reply name and address. This is tantamount to
impersonation, is in flagrant violation of the WIPO rules, the ICANN
Registrar Accreditation Policy rules, and established correct
practice on the Internet.

Such a flagrant violatuon of Intellectual Property and the basic
rules for identification and honesty should be sufficient to
disqualify the perpetrator from having any voice in Intellectual
Property issues, much less from being a Names Council representative
for an Intellectual Property constituency.

By using another person's name and address, Jonathan Cohen has
disqualified himself from the position he now holds in the IP
Constituency and on the DNSO Names Council.