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Re: [ga] General Comments on the agenda

Speaking of attacks.

Can we at least bloody well try to address some of the substantive
issues please?  I am sick to death of the childish bullshit that has
enveloped any discussion of DNS administration.  

Various individuals have asked for clarification on how the mailing
lists are handled.  Can you or someone else answer the damn questions?


P.S. I suspect Gordon was referring to the name change of the list.

Javier wrote:
> Sorry, "Dr." Cook, being a clown is not enough to be throw out. You will
> have to try harder.  You have not even made it to my kill file yet.
> By the way, the last doctor that you attacked for using his title was a
> gynecologist from Namibia, in case you don't know yet (Dr. Lisse) (that
> time that you told us how important your title and university were...
> remember?)
> >..... I was placed on it without any request on my part.
> Joining the list requires confirmation from the e-mail address the e-mail
> will be sent to, which only you can give. Maybe majordomo has an exception
> mechanism that automatically includes doctors in Russian studies from dark
> southern universities, but I am not aware if it.
> If you wish to be taken out of the list,  all you need to do is send an
> unsubcribe request to majordomo@dnso.org.
> But please don't... I find you amusing... please tell us again about how
> important your title is, some people in this list may not have yet heard
> the whole story about it.
> Javier