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[ga] Re: who sets the rules and where's the accountability? - reply todavid conrad


Again, you jump to inappropriate conclusions.  I do not "countenance"
the actions Prof. Froomkin comments on (and in fact agree with him). 
The "crap" I object to is your infantile attacks.

And to answer your questions (my opinion, but they appear obvious to
me):  the rules are being made up as we go along and the ultimate body
held accountable is the US Dept. of Commerce (NTIA to be specific).


P.S. Has a consensus been reached on how the non-commmercial
constituency should be formed?
P.P.S. Is it appropriate that a single organization own all the seats in
an entire constituency?

Gordon Cook wrote:
> Yo Randy,
> definitions of constructively do differ don't they?  I have been
> watching heath and roberts and the whole ISOC /IAHC/ICANN crowd
> cynically manipulate this for well over a year.  the DNSO has been
> captured by these people well experienced in the arts of virtually
> thuggery.  Constructive you say when they own 15 of the 21 seats,
> won't let the non commercial constituteuncy be formed and have denied
> NSI the 3 seats of the GTLD?  Divide and subdivide mail lists.
> assign and reassign at will.  But what authority?  your ability to
> scratch each others backs by nominating each other for starters
> Don't get me started its a waste of my time.  But let Michael
> Froomkin rebuff you instead.
> Read on for Froomkin's opinion of the crap you would countenance.....
> who sets the rules Randy?  where the accountability?